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Troubleshooting and student login FAQ


Some items to check for when having difficulties logging into the student login:

  1. Make sure you are using this site: https://geoquery.buskids.ca/StudentLogin.aspx

  2. Are you using the OEN number found on top of the report card?

  3. Is the birthday in the correct format (use the calendar picker) and it has to match what the school has.  If there is a discrepancy with the school’s birthday and what you have, that will cause an issue.  When choosing the birthday, use the calendar picker, do your year first, then month, then day.

  4. Choose your school, which will populate the grade that you will choose as a last step.


Unfortunately we are not able to send OEN numbers over email for security reasons.

You can contact the school to get this number or check your report card on the top. If you have changed schools at the end of the school year, it is possible the school staff have not been able to get the new OEN inputted into their system, which feeds the transportation system. In this event, you can request from them their Trillium or Trevlac ID number which will work as a temporary number to log in with.


This is because A) you did not fill out a transportation form at the time of registration, or B) you did, but the school did not forward it on to us. Please contact the school and make sure to have them send over that form to us.


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